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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013
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It's MaryAnn, from FB who resides in Florida. I was the caller this a.m. about a circle of friends who passed from AIDS about 20 years ago. Thanks for your suggestions and insight. Although I'm not physically in the Buffalo area, I'm sure there are others with the same thoughts as mine. There is a church here in Florida that is open to all orientations, St. John's Metropolitan. I'm going to call them for info on the AIDS Quilt and support groups. Hugs and Love to you,


Hello there Dennis. My fiance called me this morning to tell me and let me know he called in this morning to your live raido show and spoke with you live on the radio. He was the biggest non-believer. I, as you know am a very big believer... Since I've seen you twice. I just want to say "Thank you!" Your reading for him - from you - has made him a believer!!! He was very overwhelmed... in a good way. You are wonderful.

xoxo Anonymous

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