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Dennis - Thank you so much for seeing me and my family member this afternoon! for individual Readings. I have to tell you that you gave me JUST what I needed today with my reading. A lot to think about for sure, and it was very spiritually fulfilling. I know that I am going to have more questions for you after I ponder some of the things you told me, and will make an appointment when I am back in town. My family member also found her reading to soothe her today and left her feeling really good.l.

Thank you again - God Bless!

( Dennis) I want you to know this was and still is a profound event in my life, ever since that reading my spiritual path has really grown by leaps and bounds. It took a while for the information you told me to sink in , but boy when it did what a trip it was. Thanks Dennis for giving me the key to unlock this door, you are extremely talented man.

Barb S.

My feed back for July's 2012 Zodiaction for my sign SAGITTARIUS

I got a whole wardrobe of shorts from Jana's mom like 12 pairs. I had a feeling about my car this morning no trouble going to work but on they way one on 7/11/12. I noticed my thermostat was not cooling after reaching the opening temperature of 190 degrees. I was near home and will not drive the car now till replacing the the thermostat and new antifreeze. I have been looking forward to further financial compensation at my work so coming up this aligns nicely with my goals. Also I have had soft spoken communication with my wife who is with child now and coming up to her birthing time shortly. The communication with love & understanding has helped us understand each-other heart to heart.

Your Zodiaction is once again world class and spot on my kudos to your excellence in interpreting the stars! Your a Godsend for helping others interpreting energies around us all.

Neil from Kenmore NY

I have been looking for you for 6 years! I know you do not remember me but you had done a reading on me way back.
The odd thing was we both were thinking we knew each other from some where. Every message that came through was right on the mark and I have followed your advice and I am more attuned, reading tarot and meditating daily. The reading and messages you gave prepared me for the deaths of my parents. My father was first 6/11/06 and my Mom followed 12/8/06 her funeral was 6 months to the day of my Dad's passing. Without the reading I would not have been prepared. Your reading impacted me greatly and I have waited 6 years to say "Thank you" so very much for the work you do!

Your work is appreciated and your reading has been validated many times over!
Enjoy your day! Jen

"I have been extremely lucky to have worked with Dennis on several occasions. Each, and every, time he has been right on target. He is fun, caring, and extremely personable.I truly value his insight. He has answered questions for me that I had thought would be impossible. His guidance has been invaluable. Thank you, Dennis! ."
Lisa P.

Hi Dennis, The readings on Sunday were right on as usual. I am very glad I finally found a psychic I can be comfortable with and trust. You always seem to hit the nail on the head! I'm looking forward to many more readings in the future. Anyway, thanks for everything! Donna

This feedback is from participants a college psychic fair

"I realize Dennis only had ten minutes to read with in. I was worried there would not be enough time to receive anything significant prior the reading starting. What Dennis brought through was Mind Blowing; Accurate; and Awesome!!!
Thank You so Much Dennis. Adam

Dennis your 100% right on again your readings always amaze me!

NC from Kenmore

Dennis i know you have done a million this week-end-- so no worries if you don't remember this girl if you helped everyone as much as you helped me you've earned your spot in heaven and i just wanted to say thanks one more time

Hey Dennis,
Boy you were right on with my friend Helen's Mom, She crossed over early last Sunday morning. And the female spirit that was ready to come in. We just found out that Nate's girlfriend is pregnant! Boy am I glad I was prepared for that!

Dennis has been reading for me for over thirty years now. Dennis has guided me through many turmoils over the years- Including Spirit crossings of my Family Members; Love Matters; Money Matters; and more ... I was in North Carolina when a Hurricane hit. I phoned Dennis and asked if I was safe to stay at the place I was at. Dennis psychically picked up " Yes." I stayed put despite all official warnings. The four blocks I was in- was the only area NOT touched by the Hurricane's Devastation.

Dennis I include Thanksgiving for Your God/Spirit given abilities in My Daily Prayers.


I have had a few readings with you. I am always amazed at the information that I receive. At one reading, you told me that I would be coming into a lot of money. My father died unexpectedly and I inherited a large estate. You also told me not to remodel my kitchen. I did not know why you were telling me that because I did not have the interest or money to remodel my kitchen. After my father passed, I decided to spend some of my inheritance on the kitchen. The project was a nightmare. It took almost a year to resolve some of the issues and finish the project. I wish that I would have taken your advice and not remodeled! You told me that you saw me living on the West coast. I told you that my husband was in the final interview stage for a job in Texas, but he was going to be commuting. You told me that you definitely saw me living on the West coast. My husband is now working in San Francisco and I will be relocating there in August!


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